Privacy Policy

We have drafted our protection arrangement remembering the diversions and better advantage of our clients. The objective of our security strategy is to defend each individual information of every client who shops at

The following is the point by point clarification of our protection arrangement

No promoting calls or messages:

We totally support and worth the time of all our clients. Along these lines, we never make undesirable/irritating advertising calls not one or the other shoot showcasing messages to our clients. The messages we sent are in regards to the purchase and nothing else. Yes, special messages (bulletins) are sent to individuals, who subscribe for the same.

No messing around with classifiedness:

As we have faith in keeping up preeminent business morals and models, we render additional consideration in the matter of privacy. We never uncover or impart your contact number, email location, Visa points of interest, location, name, and so on to any outsider at all. We use the points of interest gave by you just to process the request and nothing else. Likewise, stay calm when imparting your individual subtle elements to us, as the site is prepared and created remembering propelled security peculiarities to upset cheats.

Zero spamming:

Our protection approach additionally extends on the no spam tenet. It says that we will never send you any special offers through your email addresses unless you have consented to the limited time offers mail amid the record creation. You may get the bulletin from our site illuminating the expansion of the new items or administrations just once in a month, however that too just in the event that you are subscribed to it. In the event that you get any of the limited time sends and still you feel that this is wrong contact us instantly and we will investigate the matter and you won't get any special sends from there on. 


The logos, pictures, content, and so on accessible on the site is the sole property of and are not imitated from some other site. One obliges giving a composed application to utilizing any of the logo, substance or picture from the site. All trademarks and copyrights are lawful and any unapproved utilization is entirely disallowed.

  • For any sort of support, you are allowed to contact your client help group.