We at PharmaGlobalRx.com not only distribute the supply of product globally but we are also into the part of checking each and every generic medication that is been distributed by us door to door worldwide. The most important thing which we would like to make notice on these that each single medication is for only customer who are 18 years or above adults. However, the second most important things which we want to share with our every customer is to take proper prescription approval from their perspective doctor or consult with them before choosing any kind of medication.

Listof some points which we would like to share with you:

  • PharmaGlobalRx.com is an online pharmacy drugs store of generic medicine and it is not involved in manufacturer of medication or any of the drugs that are sold in the site.
  • We do take responsibility that proper amount of option must been given to every customer needs not only the dosage part but also in packaging, delivery, variety of flavor’s and the proper usage of the medicines.
  • It is recommender to consult your physician doctor or your personal health care professional for proper advice and proper usage of medicine before you make purchase or order from this online pharmacy store.
  • Since PharmaGlobalRx.com is an online pharmacy drugs store and distributor of the medicine the website is not responsible for any sort of usage/dosage/ application /side-effects or damage caused by medicine if the customer takes or order the medicine without having proper approval from doctors. In advance it is suggested to follow all the guidelines prescribed by licensed physician and avail the right dosage.
  • PharmaGlobalRx.com is not taking any responsibility for any damage result from the intake of medicine sold in the website if the customer is not following the prescription or guidelines. Thus we sincerely request to our each customer to take only such medicine which has been prescribed for you according to your health.
  • If the package is damaged in customs clear department, then PharmaGlobalRx.com is not responsible for that damage caused.
  • We don’t recommend or prescribed any medicine or drugs to our customer to take from our online pharmacy. The buyers are fully responsible for its benefits or side-effects with the intake of medicine sold in PharmaGlobalRx.com
  • The main reason behind our actually cheap selling price of all medicine in PharmaGlobalRx.com is that we purchased medicine at bulk and straightway from all the manufactures and these helps to keep the medicine price low compare to others.
  • Your order will be 100% safe and secure in any case and will not disclose it content. Information which is provided on this website is for informational knowledge and for aware purpose.
  • We work with the belief to fulfill each and every needs of our customer related to health issues by supplying through cheap generic medications we want every people should avail the same benefits and leads a happy life.
  • PharmaGlobalRx.com is not responsible for any refund if the customer returns the medicine because of improper or incorrect information provided by him/her.
  • PharmaGlobalRx.com may take full responsibility of the medicine delivery only if (Express Shipment) is provide which is a traceable and recorded method for shipping process is used and if the buyers can submit the correct shipping information.
  • All the data of our patients customers we hold them on an offline server which is not connected to any web we always keep the detail of customers database under high security SSL which is to avoid any hacking attempts.
  • If any buyers received an incorrect medicine or the delivery has been made wrong postal address due to our fault, then it is our responsibility to reship the medicine to you as soon as possible. Note: We only process the reshipping of drugs if the customer is eligible and can presents rightful claims.
  • Availably of all the medicine in our online pharmacy store depends upon the stock with PharmaGlobalRx.com
  • Order cancellation or any changes in the medicine can be made by customer with the request within 24 hours after ordering. Refund or cancellation cannot be made once the order of the customer dispatched from us.
  • For refund and 100% money back guaranty please look at our Refund policy that can explain you all the details about the terms and condition which normally company follows.
  • Prices of every medicine are subject to be changed without any prior information.
  • The request of refund or charge back can be annulled if it fails to meet the required terms and conditions.
  • PharmaGlobalRx.com does not make any kind of commitments that these drugs sold at the website are 100% defect free and will always work for you. Thus it is strongly recommended to seek proper prescription from the expert physician before ordering the medicine.