Shipping & Refund Policy

We guarantee you delivery on time

Our team will inform you via email when your request is dispatched. This will help you to get notified number of days for your item to get arrived to your destination. On the off chance that your conveyance is deferred past a period or lost, you are encouraged to contact us via email at and the request order details.

A Customer Support delegate will share the dispatch's tracking number for the shipment and the bearings for utilizing this number to take in the status of your shipment. On the off chance that the courier service is not able to place your shipment and provide for you a normal conveyance date, the conveyance of the medicines will take in to effect. We will quickly find out the status of the case and contact you or reship the request again with no extra charges, or else discount your aggregate buy cost.

Discounts will be made by electronic credit charged once again to your beginning source of payment. We will credit full sum again to your account in the event of lost shipment.

Information provided to you

After placing order you will receive two type of information, one from our instalment processor, recognizing the receipt of your application for credit, and the other from recognizing the receipt of your request subsequently sending you a duplicate of itemized receipt.

On the off chance that you don't get these notices, then it ought to be underestimated that your request was not enlisted into our framework and consequently it can't be handled and delivered.

Inside 2 business days of your notice of credit support, you will get our transportation notice, exhorting that your request has been sent, and that you can expect conveyance inside 21 days or less.

When to expect delivery?

Our installment processor, will inform you via email, ordinarily in under 48 hours of your purchase request, affirming that your instalment has gotten last approval. This message helps us to realize that the request is paid, and it is quickly upgraded in our framework for transportation, and the clock begins running for us. Inside 2 business days of accepting notice for instalment, we will deliver your request and send you a transportation notice. However, if order is placed during weekends it may take 2 more days to deliver your product.

Processing of shipment is spotted abroad and thus all shipments start from that point and are travelled to their particular station. Express shipment are utilized for transportation all requests. Express shipment implies that the relegation is traceable and can be followed.

Amid this whole extend, it is conceivable to track the item, with the tracking number given by the express shipment organization. The dispatch following number is given by drug store, once your bundle is transported. This office helps you to keep a nearby watch on the development of your shipment, towards its last end of the line. The whole delivering methodology is traceable and thus the clients can get their bundles comfortable entryway venture according to their comfort and with no bothers.

On the off chance that it is impractical for you to sign and gather your shipment at the plausible date of entry of your shipment, you can surely leave a note on the enternce coordinating conveyance to a neighbour, who can sign for the bundle for your sake.

On the off chance that nobody can sign for the conveyance for your benefit, Express messenger will leave a note with shipment number and a contact number so you can call them and arrange the conveyance. It is to be noted that, we don't make conveyance at Post office box.

For delay in delivery

On the off chance that for any reason your request neglects to land inside 21 days of estimated time or it is not able to place your shipment, you ought to advise the drug store about this at the most punctual.
We will come back to you with the dispatch's tracking ID for the shipment and headings for utilizing this number to take in the status of your shipment. On the off chance that the bundle is not placed, the credit will be charged once again to your Visa, equivalent to the amount of your buy, or a substitution shipment will be sent to you.

Each and every purchase order is being processed within 24hours as the buyers place the order. However, we are not working on weekends and holidays orders placed on these days would be shipped in the next working day. But we try to make shipping from our side as earlier as possible so that customer should receive their order in very less time. Customer always receives an email when the order has been successfully placed and after the shipment of the drugs.

In some cases, if you don’t received your medication within the specified time, then it is recommended to get in touch with us via email customer support as we are always 24*7 available to help you in any kind of services.

Shipping Modes:

  • During the placement of any order we need a valid physical address.
  • holds the authority to discontinue the shipping or discard the free shipping policy at any given time.
  • If the amount of your purchase is above $89, then the shipping is done via Free Airmail or Free registered post.
  • Only Orders above $250 are eligible for free shipping via EMS
  • We are not responsible in case of wrong or incomplete address provided by the customer. Hence we advise our customer to recheck in the shipping form before proceeding.
  • The shipment of order is only being placed after we received the final confirmation from the customers and in return we send notification via email to inform the customer about the shipping details of his order or purchase.

refund-policy strides for complete consumer loyalty and consequently, the drug store has notable approaches set up to guarantee the clients for staying quiet when shopping. In an appalling occasion, when a client needs refund, then he/she is allowed to claim for refund. Nonetheless, there are sure terms and conditions for refunds.
You can request refund in the event that you get the parcel in altered or harmed condition.

Return Policy

Customers purchasing medicines without prescription are solely responsible for its medicine selection & its health effects. PharmaGlobal Rx is not responsible for any affects or wrong purchase medicine made by the customer’s .In the event that you received wrong request with some different component for any other different health problems apart from what you have ordered then we can reship with no expense. Customers who had purchased the medicine with proper prescription method if they are not satisfied with their purchase they can simply return our product to our address within 7 days of parcel receipt. Once we received the product successfully that must be in its saleable condition (i.e. product in its original packaging, unopened, unused) we will imitate the refund.

Withdrawal orders

You may wipe out your request inside a day or 24 hours in the wake of requesting the same, if we haven't dispatched your parcel.

How would I request a refund?

It is very easy to get refund.

Firstly, you have to contact our client help official by means of email and request a refund or spot your refund demand. Make a point to say the request number and purpose behind request undoing in the refund demand. In such cases your money will be deposited back to your account without delay.

For any sort of aid, you are allowed to contact your client help group.

The conditions for a refund rely on upon the shipment strategy you have picked.  Express shipment implies that the transfer is traceable and we can do following through track ID. In the event that the committal did not land inside 14 days in the wake of delivery for Express Shipment, you may approach us for order tracking. In the event that we can't demonstrate that the dispatch was dispatched to the location that was given for the request, we will launch the refund.