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Brand Name : Penegra 100mg, 50mg and 25mg Manufacture : Zydus-Cadila
Active Component : Sildenafil 100mg, 50mg and 25mg Expire Date Time : 24 Months till date of Mfg.
Men's Health Usage : Impotence ED (PDE5) inhibitor Free Delivery Offer : Free Delivery above $89

Penegra: Get Free from the Clutches of Impotence and ED Problems

Brief Description about Penegra:

Erectile Dysfunction is a health condition that is mainly caused due to various physical factors such as lack of balanced diet, eating too much junk food, hectic work schedules, personal stress, fatigue, anxiety various such factors that leads to ED due to which marriage life totally causes disharmony and in most cases they avoid intercourse and the female partner keeps wondering what is wrong. While there are also many psychological reasons due to which men fail to get an erection like diabetes, kidney problems, heart diseases, cholesterol, Parkinsonís diseases, obesity, hormonal disorders etc. However, the main reason for causing impotence is the blocked blood flow in the male reproductive system.

This sexual disorder can be countered by an effective medicine known as Penegra sildenafil citrate tablets. Approved by the FDA this medicine is safe, reliable and equivalent to the brand Sildenafil citrate tablets which has the same active ingredient sildenafil citrate 100mg that is present in in many other branded and generic ED tablets. It allows easy blood supply to the penile region and obstructs loose erections in men and treat erectile dysfunction and impotency effectively. This is one reason it is quite famous and been used by mankind since ages. Success rate is also quite high for this medicine in treating ED and PE problems.

Working Information Indications:

Erectile disorder is significantly caused by poor flow of blood in the soft muscles of the male reproductive organ. Penegra treats this sexual malfunction by widening the arteries of the male sex organ and allowing a good amount of blood to enter into the sinusoids, which are the small spaces in the phallus. As soon as the male sex organ gets hardened, the veins are constricted restricting the supply of the blood. With the help of its key ingredient Sildenafil Citrate Penegra inhibits the ill activity of PDE-type 5 enzyme.

This enzyme degrades the chemical cGMP that is responsible for blood circulation while you make love and thus a prolonged and firm erection is achieved. The stiffness in the veins and arteries restricts the blood from flowing out of the penile area. The effects of this medication can last up to 4 hours once it dissolves quickly in the blood and starts working on your body rapidly that work effectively and give desired results of attaining healthy and extended erections. Penegra is not aphrodisiac and should not be taken habitually this pill should be taken only when you want to make love and want to spend good time in bed for love making.

More Info about Dosage recommended:

Usually Sildenafil Citrate Tablets is available in different doses of Penegra 100mg, 25 mg and 50mg always

  • It is always recommended that older men should always take consent and consume a prescribed dose only given by doctor as they are more prone to side effects .
  • Take only one Penegra tablets orally in a day with a glass of water in the duration of 24 hours and one hour prior to your planned sexual intercourse.
  • Do not crush, break chew the tablet or change the dose until asked by your doctor.
  • Few things must be avoided like alcohol, smoke or have fattening foods along with this medicine

Read how to store before you purchase:

Simply follow the proper storage method which can help you to stay away from any adverse effects:

  • Store your Penegra in a safe place where your Women, children and teenagers canít reach and even your pets
  • Light, heat moisture can slow down the effect of the medicine temperature suitable for Penegra is 20-30 degrees so you can store at room temperature avoid storing in kitchen or bathroom as they are a bit warm.

Precautions Safety Information:

Few important precautions you need to take while consumption of Penegra Tablets are given below:

  • Using Penegra with other medicines which can lead to severe side-effects.
  • Avoid its intake before going to workplace as you cannot engage yourself in risky strenuous tasks activities.
  • Men those who are suffering from blood pressure problems, kidney, liver disorders, Retinal pigments must always ask their doctor before taking this medication.

Medication Side-effects:

Below are some points of side effects that one must read carefully:

  • Penegra tablets causes less often and short-lived side effects to show up on your body that can be caused due to an overdose of Sildenafil Citrate.
  • If you experience any health complications like prolonged erection for more than 4 hours stop its usage.

Information about Interactions Warnings:

Some warning give below you should read before buy Sildenafil Citrate online Penegra 100mg, 50mg and 25mg:

  • Do not share this medicine with any other person even if there problems and symptoms is same like yours.
  • Make sure that you donít intake Penegra on daily basis as it can lead to addiction also overdose can lead to severe health complications.
  • It is only meant for men who are victims of impotency or ED problems make sure that you donít use this for other purpose that can lead to severe health complications.
  • If you are unaware of the composition or allergic to the ingredients Sildenafil Citrate 25mg, 50mg and 100mg used in making these medicine it might prove to be dangerous because Penegra pill might or might not suit you so kindly avoid using this medicine and ask your doctor about right medication.